Know These Home Remedies to Stop Snoring

The apnea-hypopnea syndrome suffers between 2 and 4% of the population, 50% of men and 25% of women snore, according to data from the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery. The intensity of stop snoring may be associated with apnea-hypopnea syndrome (SAHS).

It is a disorder in which complete or partial upper airway obstruction occurs due to the collapse of the soft pharyngeal parts during sleep.

Remedies to Stop Snoring

“The main consequence is the non-entry of oxygen during sleep, which produces micro-awakenings that lead to a non-restorative sleep.

Excessive daytime sleepiness, neuropsychiatric, respiratory and cardiac disorders, “explains Bartolomé Scola Yurrita, director of the Vithas International Voice and Otorhinolaryngology Unit.

This pathology, which suffers between 2 and 4% of the population, appears more frequently in middle-aged men. It is also related to obesity, and the consumption of alcohol and tobacco would be aggravating, as well as the supine position during sleep.

“The suspicion of SAHS occurs when the patient refers to choking snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness, in which case the indication is to consult with a specialist in otorhinolaryngology so that he can carry out the pertinent studies,” says this expert.

The treatment of this syndrome consists of the use of a machine that pumps air under pressure into the airways of the lungs.

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This forced air prevents episodes of collapse of the airways that block respiration. There are also surgical techniques, among which are the tracheotomy, which involves the establishment of a short circuit in the affected section.

This therapy resolves 100% of the cases and is indicated in cases of morbid obesity, severe hypoxemia or important facial skeletal deformities.

There is also adenotonsillectomy, nasal surgery, tongue base resection and palatal surgery, as well as widening surgery, which would focus on maxillo-mandibular surgery.

Changing habits to avoid snoring

There are some lifestyle changes that can be done to stop snoring, for example if we are overweight we must try by all means to lower a few kilos, do exercises to tone the abs.

The arms and even more so the throat, in case you are a smoker you should stop smoking, because the cigarette irritates the membranes of the mucous causing blockage of the air, avoid drinking alcohol, take sleeping pills and any type of sedatives, this will be of great help to stop snoring.

Try to improve your posture when sleeping, always sleep on your side, try to put something on your back in case you fall asleep you turn and this is uncomfortable and you return to your side position, this way you surely snore less.

Home Remedies for Non-Snoring

The first and most important thing to stop snoring is to keep the nasal passages very clean and to be able to breathe without difficulty during the whole night, we must avoid that the air of the room is very dry.

We can also perform some exercises to improve the tone of the throat; repeat the vowels for three minutes a day, placing the tongue on the front teeth and slide it back for three minutes.

Close your mouth and pucker your lips for thirty seconds, with your mouth open to contract the muscles of the back of your throat for thirty seconds. These exercises can be increased little by little and perform several repetitions a day for better results.

Try to put these recommendations into practice so that you better your nights and you can enjoy a real break and let your rest calmly rest your partner,

Remember that it is not normal for you to snore in any position, both back and side, if this is happening to you, it is better that you go to the specialist to evaluate you and give you the appropriate treatment.

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