Know the vitamins necessary for a strong and healthy pregnancy.

In the midst of periods of healthy pregnancy, women need an extraordinary commitment of specific supplements, essential for the solid improvement of the baby, but also to maintain a strategic distance from the average disturbances such as nausea, weight, exhaustion or gum problems.

In this article we clarify what these vitamins are so imperative and how we can get them with nourishment to have a charming and sound pregnancy.

Mothers used to tell their pregnant daughters that they should eat so that two would have a healthy pregnancy. In any case, today that exhortation is distorted and it would be more correct to affirm that the most important thing is not to eat more, but to improve.

How to have a healthy pregnancy with these vitamins

Pick exceptionally nutritious nourishments of natural quality at whatever point conceivable and stay away from every one of the individuals who don’t contribute supplements, as well as mischief our wellbeing and that of the child.

What’s more, it is vital to make five suppers every day, which will enable us to keep away from hunger spikes and keep up vitality for the duration of the day.

Beneath we feature the most successive vitamin insufficiencies and conceivable regular arrangements.

Be careful with iron deficiency

Amid pregnancy blood arrangement is a crucial procedure that in numerous ladies causes diverse sorts of iron deficiency. At whatever point we discuss weakness we relate this insufficiency to press. In any case, there are two vitamins that likewise take an interest in the development of red platelets:

♦ Folic corrosive or vitamin B9: This vitamin is generally recommended earlier and amid pregnancy, since its insufficiency can cause genuine inborn harm in the advancement of the cerebrum and spinal line of the embryo.

Folic corrosive can be found in great sum in green verdant vegetables, normal squeezed orange, vegetables, avocado and asparagus. Most items made with flours have likewise been sustained with this vitamin.

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♦ Vitamin B12: It is available mostly in sustenances of creature starting point (meat, angle, egg, drain).

For a healthy pregnancy, women who love vegetables should carefully consider the absence of this vitamin. There are some vegetable sources of B12, but in smaller quantities: lager yeast, fungi, green growth (spirulina, nori, etc.) and aged vegetables.

These two vitamins can be taken as a supplement or by expanding the utilization of the sustenances said.

Farewell to queasiness

Did you realize that probably the most well-known side effects amid the beginning times of pregnancy, for example, queasiness, spewing or morning disorder, may die down or vanish on the off chance that you take B6?

This vitamin, otherwise called pyridoxine, assumes a basic part in digestion, in the arrangement of natural tissues and in the improvement of the sensory system of the hatchling.

Sustenances rich in vitamin B6:

Indispensable rice

Wheat grain






Sunflower seeds



Ladies who have regularly devoured liquor or who have immune system issue frequently have a critical vitamin inadequacy.

Solid bones

Solid bones require a decent measure of calcium. Be that as it may, notwithstanding this mineral, there is a basic vitamin for its development: vitamin D.

Specialists regularly recommend this vitamin to pregnant ladies, particularly from the fourth month and in the winter months, which is the point at which we experience the ill effects of the sun.

Notwithstanding acquiring vitamin D through sun presentation there are likewise a few nourishments that give it:

Cod Liver Oil


♦ Caviar



Numerous dairy nourishments are advanced with vitamin D to enhance dietary esteems, however don’t contain it normally.

Sound legs and gums

Vitamin C is a fundamental supplement in our eating regimen, which we can devour in seasons or when we believe we have to reinforce the resistant framework. There is no danger of expending it in overabundance, in light of the fact that on the off chance that we took excessively we would dispense with it normally through the pee.

Amid pregnancy, this vitamin additionally anticipates paleness, and in addition soothe side effects, for example, weakness, varicose veins, gum issues, and so forth.

Sustenances rich in vitamin C are as per the following:

Crude red pepper


Brussels grows



Dark currant




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